Monday, 29 June 2009

Dancing in the rain.

I have always hoped I would get cought in a storm, and be able to dance around barefoot in the rain, not worrying about how wet I'm getting.

To my amazement on Sunday, it actually happened. After a wonderful afternoon lounging in the sun with my friends at Hamstead heath, we popped in to Sainsbry's to get something for dinner, and when we left the heavens opened. The heaviest rain I have ever seen, it was like movie rain, we were completely soaked through within seconds.

For awhile running in the rain was very exciting and soon my sandals came off and we were prancing home barefoot. But it quickly turned into a very scary dash as the lightening struck over head and the rumble of the thunder quickly followed and just when we thought it couldn't get any worse it started to hail, rather large hailstones between the size of a pea and a marble.

We quickly took shelter under a bus stop, expecting it to pass. But alas it did not and we had to continue our sprint to the house, getting battered by hailstones. Needless to say I probably wont be prancing around in the rain again soon...well not if there's thunder and lightening.


  1. Ha! That totally happened to me and M too on more than one occasion and in our suits! London does the best summer storms and rain. Loved it. Cought is caught and Hampstead Heath has a p- just in case you were wondering. But you were proabbly typing fast anyway ;)

  2. lol thanks I was in a hurry, although mum said I over worked it, dont know how I missed the errors, spell check sucks.